Wool – follow the thread


At Cheval et Forêt, the whole year round we offer entertainment adapted for different audiences. Numerous projects and activities, both as varied as each other, come to life such as farm and animal management, maintenance of green spaces, a garden, educational activities, a demonstration of the power of our draught horses, not forgetting our new activity "Wool – follow the thread." Our 5 red sheep give us plenty to get entangled in, and so much the better, we're grateful to them! Who are they? Do they serve some particular use on the site? Is there a living to be made from wool at Rouge-Cloître? For this discovery activity, we offer you a small workshop that is going to retrace the history of the Red Ardennes Sheep, a local breed, and working with wool. You will be offered a practical approach depending on your individual age and ability. There's something for everyone!


Rue du Rouge-Cloître 5
1160 Auderghem