Werkplaats Walter


Workplace Walter is an initiative of the musician Teun Verbruggen.  Visual artists from Brussels and abroad will find accommodation in an auspicious building, with a high-quality and affordable studio and rehearsal space, residence possibilities and a concert hall.  The common bond: experimentation and improvisation. Walter lives in the heart of Kuregem (Anderlecht), a densely populated area near the heart of Brussels and in the middle of the rapidly developing canal zone. 


At this moment,  some 10 artists are engaged in the studios there, and I will probably organize an exhibition with a concert on the weekend of the 5th  and 6th of May. 

The exhibition will display the work of Vincent Glowinski, and will be accompanied by a concert given by Ian Dyckmans, Audrey Lauro and Pack Yan Lau.

Rue Van Lint, 45
1070 Anderlecht