Walk - discovering the communal cemetery


We will set off in a group from the agreed departure point, the statue of ‘Huiselijke zorgen’ by Rik Wouters (at the bus stop of buses 95 and 17, in the city direction, in the Rue Major Brück), and walk to the cemetery of Boitsfort together. As we walk our guide, Hilde Claes, will talk about a number of buildings along the way. Upon arrival at the cemetery Hilde will tell us about the history of this magnificent cemetery. She will then give a guided tour around the cemetery and talk about the graves of a number of famous Boitsfort residents. For your information: former residents Auguste Beernaert, Constantin Héger, Rik Wouters and Joseph Hanse have all been laid to rest here. Welcome! 



Rue Major Brück, 8
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort