The sculptor Anne De Mol opens the doors of her workshop

Emotions in the process of poetry:
"What I like about my work as a sculptor is to understand the movements of the human body, to choose and capture attitudes and to capture the moment of the gesture. And it is restoring and sharing these moments of emotions. The setting and framing of the work are for me very important steps."

"For a work to exist, it must be in solidarity with its base. Hence my fascination with Trisha Brown's choreographies and staging. Hence my interest in Edward Muybridge's photographic research.
My studio is my home where I work alone, in silence or music, it depends on my mood. Anyway, when he creates, when the inspiration is there, the artist has in him, an inner music. The building where my studio is located is an old hotel from the beginning of the 20th century, refurbished by the town in small apartments and then in artists' studios. "

Interviewed by Alexia Werrie.
Rue Middelbourg, 126
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort