Sainte-Anne chapel: a visit to the chapel and concerts by students of the Auderghem Music Academy


You will have the opportunity to hear traditional music played by the children and the young people of the "BAO 5" and "BAO 6" ensembles, French song and gypsy guitar played by young adults and those not so young.

Learning by "word of mouth" (without sheet music), drawing inspiration from oral traditions, involves a teaching process that focuses on the ear, enriches the emotions, and encourages communication, while building autonomy and openness to others.

The Sainte-Anne chapel is the oldest building in the commune. Situated on the territory of the Val-Duchesse, it represents one of the most beautiful specimens of early Romanesque art in the Brabant. Built in the 12th century on the site of a wooden oratory, it was an immensely popular place of pilgrimage: Saint Anne was prayed to there to cure sterility and rheumatism in the arms and legs.


Rond-Point Sainte-Anne
1160 Auderghem