Sainte-Anne chapel: concerts with the Brussels Trumpet Ensemble:


You will have the opportunity to hear the Brussels Trumpet Ensemble conducted by their teacher Philippe Lambert. With his very broad repertoire, ranging from the baroque to Broadway musical comedies, he has guided the group's performance in a variety of settings, both in Belgium and abroad.

The Brussels Trumpet Ensemble was set up in September 2001, at the request of the Philippe Lambert's trumpet students, from the academies of Watermael-Boitsfort and Molenbeek-Saint-Jean who, after taking part in the summer course at Malonne (Namur), wished to continue their training during class sessions.

These two concerts will be performed in the Sainte-Anne chapel, a very solemn neoclassical edifice built in 1843.

Chaussée de Tervueren 89
1160 Auderghem