Saint-Adrien's Church


Saint-Adrien Church was completed in 1942. At the time, it replaced the chapel of Boondael that used to serve as the parish church.

The architect Vanden Nieuwenborg designed it as a massive structure, marked by a mighty clock tower at the centre of the main façade.

Inside you will be able to see the exquisite stained glasswork depicting Daniel, the Virgin of Boondael, Christ and the Virgin in gilded bronze by the sculptor Camille Colruyt, the pulpit and so on.

A visit will also enable you to appreciate the altarpieces of the "Martyrdom of Saint Adrian" (studio of Jan Borman le Grand, 1490-1495) and the 'Martyrdom of Saint Christopher" (Antwerp school, circa 1520), which came from the former chapel of Boondael.

The latter was originally designed for the crossbowmen and destined for Notre-Dame-des-Victoires church at Sablon. Bought by the Serment des Arquebusiers (Gun-makers' Society) of whom Saint Christopher was the patron, it adorned the high altar of the Boondael chapel towards the end of the 16th century. The sculpted part formed of three large niches depicts the martyrdom of Saint Christopher.


Avenue Général. Dossin de St. Georges
1050 Ixelles