Public Corner

Sunday 7 May
Brussels Park
12:00 - 18:00

Living together involves creation, distribution, and ensuring compliance with a certain number of rules. Living together well requires joint management of certain tasks and services that everyone needs. Living together better means being equipped with services and infrastructure that achieve what is necessary but also what is enjoyable, the general and the specific alike; it also means analysing, imagining, thinking, proposing, and working on building a better present and future for all of today's and tomorrow's citizens.

All of that is the daily business of everyone who works for the Region. From the simplest to the most complex, from the best known to the unsung, from the longest established to the brand new, and from the most concrete to the most abstract, the public services of the Brussels Capital Region want to meet you and lend a hand. Come and discover the many dimensions and occupations of the public services and celebrate our thriving Region with them.


Bruxelles Environnement

Bruxelles Prévention & Sécurité

Centre d'Informatique pour la Région Bruxelloise (CIRB) et - Agence régionale bruxelloise du stationnement

Police K9

Port de Bruxelles

COCOF - Service public Francophone bruxellois



Bruxelles Formation


Pompiers de Bruxelles

Service public régional de Bruxelles