Opening of the Alice and David van Buuren Museum


What is special about the Van Buuren House Museum is that it is not really a house, nor really a museum in the classical sense of the word. It's a magical place and unique location that brings happiness to its visitors. The couple David and Alice van Buuren have built a detached house that serves as a case for their collection. They acquired numerous works even before the house was completed. For this reason each object is perfectly integrated and highlighted. David and Alice's passion for art can be felt in each piece. Visitors are literally immersed in the atmosphere of the 1930s. Nothing or almost nothing has changed, it's as if the owners had only just stepped out… And yet the visit does not end there. The garden simply cannot be missed, as it is worth the visit on its own. It is highly important to note that the garden was completed before the house. The Van Buuren had adult-size trees planted, something that was incredible for that time! The Japanese maples were maintained once a year by Japanese gardeners. When they moved in in 1928, they could look out the living-room window onto an already magnificent garden. The visit is suitable for all. Children will also be catered for with a walk through the maze or they can take part in a treasure hunt tailor-made for them.

Push open the door to this magical place and you are bound to be impressed…



Avenue Léo Errera 41
1180 Uccle