Open artists' studios at Rouge-Cloître and group exhibition


The artists working at Rouge-Cloître will be opening their studio doors to you. There you will be able to discover the art of lace-making and that of painting, sculpture, water colour, mosaic and creation of jewellery and rag dolls.


Septy Bechou – Glassblowing and lampworking artist

Rose-Marie Brohez – Painting

Stéphane Delhal – Sculpture, painting and art restoration

Léopold Eeckhaut and Anne-Marie Van Stichelen – Painting

Diana Laue Van den Bossche – Painting and drawing

Den Miller – Ceramics

Nora Palmai – Soft toys workshop

Lace studio led by Yolande Païafa and Marleen Degline.

A group exhibition in the "Nature & Loisirs" room of the Rouge-Cloître farm with the participation of Léopold Eeckhaut, Anne-Marie Van Stichelen, Françoise Leguet, Lucie Pringels and Rose-Marie Brohez.


Rue du Rouge-Cloître 4
1160 Auderghem