Museum Resistance


"To all those men and women who have resisted at some time" Set up in an old photo-engraving shop, which during the Nazi occupation made documents for the resistance, including the pictures included in the famous "Faux Soir" of 9 November 1943.

Founded by former resistance members and political prisoners who considered it their duty to leave the younger generations testimonies, objects and documents with which to inform them about and alert them to the events of the past, in the face of dangers from the totalitarian regimes and fanatics threatening our civilisations. Apart from keeping the memory alive, the Museum also aims to deliver a message of peace and solidarity among all peoples.

On 6 May 2017, the museum will dedicate this day to the 72th anniversary of VE-DAY (8 May 1945) by continuously screening films. The comic book exhibition “Les Enfants de la Résistance” (by Benoît Ers and Vincent Dugomier) published by Le Lombard and the “The Skull” bookshop, with an educational game. Visits and/or guided tours given by the Curator.

Rue Van Lint, 14
1070 Anderlecht