Mixity 183

Saturday 5 May
Sunday 6 May
Saturday : 10.00 > 18.00 - Sunday : 10.00 > 19.00

Created for MIXITY.brussels, this artistic installation – which was set up in an itinerant recycled – has settled in experience.brussels, the perfect place to (re)discover Brussels-Capital Region and its inhabitants! As a temporary cultural venue, a pop-up museum and an augmented reality experience all rolled into one, MIXITY 183 plunges you into the world of diversity in Brussels, the city’s inhabitants, and the 183 nationalities that make it so rich.

MIXITY 183 is a meeting spot, a photography exhibition and an augmented reality experience. It’s a way of showing the abundance of Brussels associations and the pride of being from Brussels. Brussels is a city in which 183 nationalities rub shoulders every day and the key is diversity, be it cultural, linguistic, generational, social, etc.

Inside, visitors discover a gallery of photographs (by photographer Olivier Cornil), which serve as naturally subjective life-size glances at Brussels’ diversity. After the photos, visitors can (with the help of a tablet, or an app downloaded onto their phone) try an immersive augmented reality experience populated by 3D ‘air drawing’ creations by illustrator Pauline de Chalendar, and accompanied by the music of Daniel Offerman from Girls in Hawaii, Hallo Kosmo, TRESOR. 

Visit MIXITY 183 for free on Sunday 6 May at experience.brussels


Rue Royale, 2-4
1000 Brussels