Métalu A Chahuter Collective - Village of Sound

Sunday 7 May
Brussels Park
13:00 - 18:00

Métalu A Chahuter Collective - Village of Sound (FR)

Métalu a Chahuter is a collective of multidisciplinary artists, comedians, plastic visual artists, and musicians specialising in the creation of innovative, skewed, fun, and poetic shapes, often  interactive and on-site. Experimentation is at the heart of the artistic identity of the collective: exploring sound and image as poetic language, being a focus for an imaginary passer-by, taking on a multidisciplinary approach as a driver of collective creation.

With the Village of Sound, Métalu's artists come together to offer a fairground village based on sound in all its forms. Music, shouts, word play, etc. can be found at a selection of fun, ingenious, poetic, and interactive installations and shows. 

Photo © Paul Dujardin