La Rotative - The Time Trilogy

Sunday 7 May
Brussels Park

La Rotative - The Time Trilogy (FR)

Like a postcard from the 50s, La Rotative Company invites you to its café terrace. Edith Piaf sings of post-war France, the manager and his café waiters noisily get to work, arms loaded with bottles and glasses for their spectator-customers. Fragile equilibrium 12 m up, death-defying acrobatics, fake falls, and real stunts will take you on a mad race against time!

La Rotative Company was born from the equipment from the circus called La Roue de la Mort (The Wheel of Death). The creation of this company was driven by the rarity and extraordinary imagery of this mythical circus contraption of which there are very few still operating in the world. This impressive thing has been spinning for more than a century under the feet of intrepid acrobats and before amazed spectators!

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