Hotel Le Berger


Hotel Le Berger first opened its doors in 1933, at the initiative of architect and businessman Gabriel Duhoux. It was originally designed as a meeting place, that is, a comfortable place that hosted people in complete privacy for a few hours or for a night of secret passion. We should note that Hotel Le Berger was then off-limits to "loose" women. Here there was no question of trading in the flesh like in a "no-tell hotel" or a brothel.

Positioned in one of the chicest areas of interwar Brussels, the establishment grew to become a veritable institution. Its Art Deco interiors seduced both the discreet lovers as well as film-makers, photographers, artists and fashion designers.

Nowadays restored to the present security standards, the hotel displays with refinement a number of elements of period décor such as the wood panelling, doors, windows and ironmongery. Other emblematic examples of this old appointment hotel that may surprise include the double lift, the polished brass boxes for suggestions and complaints still featured in certain rooms, the speaker piping ambient music or even the bathroom decoration. 

A real plunge into the 1930s, Hotel Le Berger ensures its visitors an offbeat moment, surrounded in a glint of mystery.

Rue du Berger 24
1050 Ixelles