Flagey non-profit-making organization


With more than 300 concerts, 1,200 film screenings and 300,000 visitors each year, Flagey is one of the major cultural players in Belgium. Located in a magnificent Art Deco building close to the ponds of Ixelles, Flagey is known for its quality programme in classical music, jazz and world music. In collaboration with Cinematek, Flagey screens three films a day combining old unreleased versions with premières. The co-community institution also stands out for its high-quality conferences given by authors or philosophers and for its programme aimed at families with children.

The creation of the National Radio Institute in 1930 ended the early years of radio. Faced with the development of this media, a broadcasting building with a contemporary design became indispensable. From his restrained and pragmatic design, Diongre built, between 1935 and 1938, the "sound factory" that was so sought after, and one of the first radio buildings in Europe.

Ever since it opened, the streamline moderne building had this international profile. The studio quality (particularly Studio 4) is world famous and draws the most prestigious musicians for concerts, festivals or recordings (classical music, contemporary or jazz). Closely linked with radio and musical creation, in 1953 the building witnessed the advent of television. The building thus became the TV production centre par excellence for more than thirty years. When the original occupants left the building in 1974, it would then become home, until its closure in 1995, to several cultural institutions lending it a new dimension.

Partially listed in 1994 and saved in 1998 thanks to the limited company Maison de la Radio Flagey, the former building of the National Institute of Radio and Television (INR) found a new dynamic profile to extend its fascinating history.

Only corridors and fireplaces will be accessible.

Place Sainte-Croix
1050 Ixelles