Exhibition by the winner of the Prix Découverte de Rouge-Cloître


Carolina Fernandez was born in 1983 in Bogota, Colombia. Before coming to Belgium, she studied Fine Art at the University of the Andes, graduating in 2007. From 2011 to 2013, Carolina trained at La Cambre and was awarded a masters in painting. At the end of her training, the artist's work sparked great interest and won her the Friends of La Cambre Favourites' Prize in 2013. Carolina Fernandez invites us into a hyper-realist universe full of sensitivity and compassion through which the real beings and the small immaterial creatures that she chooses to depict in it, quickly sketched animals or characters, encounter each other and mingle with one another in harmony.

The Prix Découverte de Rouge-Cloître, being decidedly oriented towards contemporary art, aims to discover and promote artistic talents who have not secured the place that they deserve on the cultural scene. The competition runs over two years. The winner is offered a prize worth €2,000 as well as the organisation of an exhibition of their works at the Rouge-Cloître Art Centre and the publication of an illustrated book about their work by a specialist. As part of this activity, you will be given the chance to discover the works of Carolina Fernandez who is the outright winner of the 2018 prize.



Rue de Rouge-Cloître 4
1160 Auderghem