Exhibition - Nancy Seulen, peintre au Canard Sauvage


When it comes to describing my work, I prefer to allow others to speak:
While initially they come across as a series of abstract variations, the paintings of Nancy Seulen are constructed from elements grafted from reality. One can make out an interior, a window to look through, a reflection of some elements lying outside... One notes in the interior an opening onto a landscape, or certain forms. Then, things begin to blend, transforming to produce a new perception.
Without fixing anything, this is an attempt to express movement, and continuity: something has happened, something is happening, something is going to happen. A path that continues, a shadow or a figure like an echo of a light or a window; appearances and disappearances... A strange, poetic, solitary and meditative world. All mysteries that bring about a dialogue between the work and the viewer (who has the time). This is also a dialogue between paintings and drawings in pencil, charcoal and black stone, all traces of those tiny worlds reflected and intersected.

I have the privilege of exhibiting in a space that inspires me with its layout, its atmosphere, the people coming and going – magic happens.


Chaussée de La Hulpe, 194
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort