Exhibition – Ines Limbourg – Pause before a painting


Pause before a painting.

Both gentle and wild, the approach must be secular and slow. Before us, the tempo of the picture makes the curious viewer stop and take stock, and from the outset we are no longer someone distracted passing by tall trees.

Overcome by chlorophyll, one's spirit gathers itself in secret, and one looks in a more intrigued way now, passing the forest edge and staring into the layered leaves under the light's subtle iridescence. The green thrill of mystery. From the peaks, silence. While the brush stroke clearly emerges, delicate, graceful and inventive, loaded with enigma. Nothing pale in a fog so imperceptible that it seems riven by the sounds of nature. Soon, from the captive palette of brushes, a symphony emerges, its notation fine, penetrating, almost abstract. The breeze blowing from the canvas has begun to form a scent. And the amazed walker searches in vain for where the nests are set in the trees, or the glossy sprouting of Clymene in the grove.

The movement renders the forest a dream.

Square du Castel Fleuri, 5
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort