Exhibition – Dominique Gallez – A Boitsfort house, lying somewhere between the past and the future


On Drève du Duc, the past blends with the future and the soul of certain houses has been entirely preserved. The house located at 71 Drève du Duc was rebuilt around 1865. It was then a country villa, with wooded grounds, a greenhouse, a coach house and so on.

In the early 20th century, the house was occupied by the Thiébaud Institute, a school centre.

The house, having gone through several owners, remained unoccupied for 5 years.

The current owners bought the house in 1982 and refurbished it in keeping with the Boitsfort style, as much on the outside as the inside.

The house opens up from time to time for Artists' Trails, house concerts, etc. As part of visit.brussels, you can admire several large format paintings by Dominique Gallez, on the ground floor.

Several old postcards of the Drève du Duc, and the edition of HISCIWAB dedicated to the Drève may also be consulted there.


Drève du Duc, 71
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort