Emergence XL


The Emergence-XL project is located in Ixelles at the intersection of rue du Scepter, an inter-neighborhood link, and the Park System to be created along the railway line (Brussels-Namur link).
From an architectural point of view, the project recreates an open facade to the Park System and equipment open to the neighborhood. Winner 2011 of the call for projects "exemplary buildings" of Brussels Environment, the project presents environmental qualities: standard of very low energy, natural lighting, acoustic measures for the comfort of the users, green roofs, greening of the central patio, etc.
It is a question of creating on the one hand an equipment which promotes the blooming, the well-being, the sport. Indeed, the room is open to all and is a place for meetings and exchanges allowing various audiences to share their passion for sport (fitness, fighting sports and self defense, dance, yoga, acroyoga etc. .) and create living together.
On the other hand, it is also a question of promoting training, professional development and youth. In other words, Emergence-XL develops projects that aim at the socio-professional integration of young people in difficulty. Sport is used to reinvigorate young and old, to help them take charge of their lives and to reintegrate into social and professional life.
Sport can instil values that are easily transferable into the world of work: discipline, rigor, respect for the rules, perseverance, respect for oneself and the other, fighting spirit, envy to outdo oneself etc.
Sporting discoveries of the day: boxing, educational boxing for children, capoeira, katal, etc.


Rue du Sceptre 13-19
1050 Ixelles