Denis Meyers - Street art ULB

Sunday 6 May
Brussels Park

Would you like to contribute to the creation of a mural with famous urban artist Denis Meyers? Come down to the Iris Festival!

On Sunday 6 May, Denis Meyers will take you back in time to the events of May 1968 for Le Parc en Fête (Party in the Park). He’ll offer up an exceptional performance of graffiti, the street art that became so important during that period.

What are your personal demands, today, in 2018? Offer your own words or slogans via a vote on the ULB’s (Free University of Brussels) Philosophy and Social Sciences faculty website - – and on Facebook - - and vote for the best propositions! The mural will be created using the winners! Numerous members of the faculty will also be present for debates and discussions.


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