COOP - Les quartiers du canal sous la loupe


This area of the canal was built around an incredible human story, a collective adventure that for 170 years has shaped the working-class canal neighbourhoods of Brussels.  A powerful history of work, technology, solidarity and social conflict, factory smoke and people from around the world.


Anderlecht and Molenbeek are the key places for understanding the Brussels, Belgium and Europe that grew out of the industrial revolution. Here the people transformed, experimented, manufactured, emigrated, planted, dug, worked, built...


At the COOP, we are continuing this adventure. When you come to the COOP, there is always something to do!


Set out on the discovery of these canal areas by means of an evolving exhibition, a number of manual workshops and "nature", "industry" and "population" trails.


And you will be surprised by our canal neighbourhoods!

Quai Demets, 23
1070 Anderlecht