Comptoir Rodin


Come and discover one of the rare remains of the Ixelles military hospital, the Rodin Pavilion. This impressive pavilion with 4 sides in a Flemish Neo-Renaisssance style was completed in 1888 and housed the director of the military hospital until the hospital was abandoned in 1974. The pavilion remained empty for 30 years before undergoing an initial transformation in 2006 under the aegis of the Ixelles commune. It then hosted various cultural events before being sold by the commune in 2015. The pavilion draws its name from the road it stands on the corner of, Avenue Auguste Rodin (formerly Rue Borrens) which was renamed after the sculptor to mark his visit to Ixelles in 1875.

The Rodin Pavilion has been redesigned in such as way as to permit the opening of this historical location to the people of Ixelles and was thus split into a restaurant space on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors. A lofty cathedral roof conservatory was added to the building. The interior whose contents had been cleared out decades ago has become a living environment with a blend of bare brick, smooth concrete and wood. The contrast between the classical nature of the façades and the modern, quasi-Brooklyn character of the ground floor is striking.


Avenue Auguste Rodin 8
1050 Ixelles