Boondael Chapel Art Centre


Guillaume de Huistbosh, who belonged to a family of farmers living in Boondael and was destined for the priesthood, had a chapel built in the hamlet, then without a place of worship. Mass was first celebrated there in 1463. The place quickly became too cramped to accommodate the large numbers of worshippers and was extended in 1474 and again in 1658. Damaged on two occasions during the religious wars, the chapel was entirely rebuilt in 1842. A diamond-shaped plaque fixed to the façade to mark the occasion recorded the three main stages of its history: "Aedif 1463" (year first constructed), "Auct 1658" (year of extension) and "Reaedif 1842" (year in which the current building was completed).

It served as the parish church until 1941, the year in which the Saint-Adrien Church was consecrated on Avenue Général Dossin de Saint-Georges. It was redeveloped in 1966 for its conversion into a cultural space, and in 1995, conservation measures were carried out on the masonry.

Since 2003, it has been managed by the Ixelles Culture department. Boondael Chapel offers its treasure trove to Ixelles artists looking to display their art. Painting, photography or sculpture encourage meetings in this neighbourhood of Ixelles.

Such a treasure chest nestled in the heart of the hamlet of Boondael, the recently renovated Chapel opens its doors to art lovers.

In addition to visiting the Chapel, you can also discover the photographs of the artist Emmanuel Crooÿ.

Square du Vieux Tilleul 10
1050 Ixelles