Anne-Marie Michels, creator of necklaces and Larissa Ickx, painter


As a little girl, in my mother's room I came across a drawer of necklaces, brooches and pearls.  I picked up a pink pearl that I found so beautiful that I swallowed it…

Nowadays, I no longer eat pearls, I make necklaces and bracelets…

Joyful, playful, non-conformist with their little hearts and silver springs… The stones and glass beads – from Venice – inspire the artist.  These designs created with skill pass before the eyes of her friends…

What pearls for discovery!

Intuitively, the artist let her souvenirs guide her into an universe that is specific to her. Be it in the very peculiar style used or in the various subjects discussed.


The artist is seeking a world that balances between reality and the imaginary. A world in which the boundaries of reality are diverted towards her own reality composed of dreams and musings that inhabit her world. 


Square du Castel Fleuri, 2
1170 Watermael-Boitsfort